Love is in bloom! After hours of battle. Picasso on the bottom, Matisse on top.

This is a battle of the ages. Dog versus Cat . These two fight all day but it's up
to you pet owners to decide who wins (right now , they're getting along pretty
well). They are evenly matched. Same age,same weight. But who wins?
Look below.

Here's me teaching Matisse that it is rude to bite people's ears.

Mattisse and her brother Murphy (left) having a tug-of-war over a toy.


Matisse (the dog) is a Laso Apso. Very good to children but hard to train in the way of housebreaking. Unlike most Toy Dogs, she's relatively mellow and prefers to sleep rather than bark. The cat (Picasso) is an Angora male who is very active (especially at night) and tends to be quite destructive. Sorry cat lovers but the dog tends to win every battle (with dog-like tenaciosness) with the exception of when they fight on the bed when the dog has less manuevering room, then the cat has the upper hand.