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Tony Bennet - Copacabana 1958
Sammy Davis Jr. - Copacabana 1959
Eddie Fisher - Empire Room 1959
Judy Garland -Town & Country 1958
Johhnie Ray - Copacabana 1953
Connie Haines - Terrace Room 1951
Martin and Lewis - Copacabana days
Ray Bolger - Wizard of Oz Scarecrow, Empire Room 1956
Guy lombardo - Roosevelt 1957
Horace Heidt - 30th Anniversary 1954
Joey Bishop / Andy Williiams - Copacabana 1959
Liberace - Persion Room 1947
Peggy Lee - Copacabana 1958
Tony Martin - Riviera 1953
Nancy Donovan - Copacabana 1952
Constance Moore - St. Regis 1958
Diahann Carroll - Persian Room 1961
Andrews Sisters - Latin Quarter 1957
Benny Goodman - Empire Room 1956
Frank Sinatra performance reviews from the early 40's. Was Dick Haymes better?
Lisa Kirk - Persion Room 1958
Betty Clooney - Waldorf Astoria1954
Two Guitars - A defunct Russian Nightclub in NYC
Sammy Kaye - Roosevelt 1957
Dinah Shore - press release and autograph from the 50's
Nat King Cole - Copacabana Flyer along with Autograph
A Letter about a WWII song
Menus - Eddie Howard, Brewer, Goulet, Hildegarde
Sushi - the Martini Swizzlen' Cat
Matisse Vs Picasso - our other pets
My Accomplishments - Me with THE PACK!
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Our Cancun Vacation Review

You have navigated your way to Craig's additive-primary color tribute to the great musical performers from the Big Band Era and the Big Names that sprung out of it. Original reviews from the 40's and 50's on Sinatra, Goodman, Eddie Fisher, Tony Bennet, the Andrews Sisters, Peggy Lee and many more are seen here for the first time since they were published half a century ago.

The bulk of my reviews and pictures were acquired from the collection of Mr. Robert Dana, former entertainment columnist for the now defunct "New York World Telegram & Sun". He also hosted a radio show and short-lived television show pleasantly scrutinizing ( as was the custom of that time) the performances of the established and up-and-coming stars of the 40's and 50's. He lived to the ripe old age of 89 when in 1996, his body gave out but his mind was active till his last days. So active in fact that when he was admitted to the hospital for the the last time, he insisted on being released so he could author a new book on "eateries" in the New York area. However, it probably would have sold poorly since it was intended to be the sequel to his first book "Where To Eat In New York", 40 years its predecessor. It's not likely many of his favorite Hot Spots are still around. You'll notice a pattern with nearly all the artists featured ... they all performed in New York City.

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